The Role of Canada Government in Promoting Better Housing

Some of the big cities in Canada are top favorites for the best property markets around the globe. Canada has shot to fame in recent years to be at the forefront of facilitating better housing. Thanks to the impressive real estate market, Canada has seen much improvement in the housing sector.

However, you would not be doing justice if you do not look at the role of Canada government in promoting better housing. Indeed, the Canadian government has been in the forefront to make sure its citizens get better housing. So, what exactly has the government done to make this come to pass?

Facilitating the transition of houses

Real estateA few years back, Canadian cities were dotted with ancient and dilapidated houses and apartments. There was much less interest in property hence the sector continued to lag behind.

However, with house transition program initiated by the federal government, Canada has seen a great improvement to structures not only for commercial use but at the residential level. This program has revolutionized the face of houses in Canada and this is proof that better housing is a reality that the government is committed to achieve.

Supporting affordable housing

Some years ago, the Canadian government stopped its initiative to support affordable housing for its citizens. It was only the super rich who could afford decent homes and houses. This was a dark age in the history of housing in Canada. However, there has been a change of heart as the government recently re-established its support and commitment to affordable housing.

Today, every Canadian citizen buying a house gets bonuses directly from the government. All first time home buyers are entitled to a percentage of transfer tax relief, which makes it affordable to own a home. With affordability being a core agenda of the government, housing in Canada is getting better.

Improved income base

With purchasing power finding its way back to the people, the government is dedicated to better housing for all its citizens. There is a structure in place to boost income for all workers. With more money in their pockets, Canadians will have the power to purchase houses in prime neighborhoods. This is one sure strategy that will make Canada a hub of the best housing policies in the world.

Introduction of the middle-class tax cut

Canada HousingThe middle class is where most of Canadians are. These are workers and people who drive the economy. They need better housing to keep doing what they do best.

To give them the more financial muscle to buy good homes, the government has introduced tax cuts. This move leaves them with more money in their pocket not only to invest in real estate but also ensure they live in decent homes. That is a big plus to the efforts of ensuring better housing for all Canadians.


The Canadian government has done a commendable job in ensuring its citizen get better housing. With measures geared to improve income and bolster the move to make better homes readily available, Canada is now a model country in the housing sector.